Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Camazotz

Both EZ and Emily experienced a further descent into darkness on Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 3.

Despite being married to a ruthless cartel boss, Emily has always strived to keep her hands clean.

Well that’s all changed now that she has decided to go through with offering Eliana money in exchange for intel on the Agricultural Park bids.

What do we know about Mrs. Emily Galindo?

We know that she was the high school sweetheart of EZ Reyes and that she comes from a wealthy family.

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We know that she became estranged from her family and her friends after marrying Miguel.

We know that her marriage to Miguel is strained, as well as her relationship with Miguel’s mother, Dita.

My dearest Ignacio… Being away from you these last three days has been unbearable. The void between Jose and myself grows wider every moment. I can’t wait to see your face again. You have given my heart a reason to beat again, my arms a reason to embrace, my lips a reason to kiss. And my sleep a reason to dream. You are my forever. Love, Dita.


But we don’t know who Emily truly is. What drives her? What are her intentions?

Is there a reason behind her determination to get the Agra Park bid? 

On Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2 Emily was adamant that she didn’t want Miguel’s cartel world colliding with their real-life. 

But now she’s okay with bribing someone in the Mayor’s office. That seems like a play right out of the crime family handbook

Whatever line shes been tiptoeing in the past has officially been crossed. 

Who says being married to a crime lord doesn’t have its perks? 

Speaking of said crime lord, what is the deal with Miguel Galindo and Adelita?

As Miguel was heading off to join Potter he told Alvarez to “check on our queen.” 

Excuse me. “Our queen?” Adelita is your queen? When did Adelita become your queen? 

Not to mention that his first stop after being released from Potter was to see Adelita. 

Something happened between those two within the last eight months, and i’m going to go out on a limb here and say that particular something resulted in a pregnancy. 

There’s going to be a revelation that Adelita is pregnant by Miguel instead of Angel, and then another revelation that Miguel is a Reyes instead of a Galindo because Felipe and Dita did, in fact, have an affair.

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Which is then going to result in EZ and Angel both loving women with children fathered by their long lost brother. 

Okay so maybe it won’t happen exactly like that, but something is tying those two families together. 

Did Dita and Felipe’s affair produce a baby? Was that baby Miguel? Is their affair the reason that Marisol got murdered?

There is a deep, dark history going back decades between these two families, and soon all of their skeletons are going to come tumbling out of the closet. 

EZ: You know why I asked Bishop to sponsor me?
Angel: I know. Fucking hurt.
EZ: I’m sorry.
Angel: Let’s just focus on why we came up here in the first place.
EZ: What does that look like now?
Angel: Burying Medina day after tomorrow. SOA will represent. We’ll know where they are, how long they’ll be gone.

So Coco is easily shaping up to be one of my favorite characters. His “my bad” after shooting O’Gradys partners mother was hilarious.

Sure, shooting someone is bad, but on a show like Mayans some deaths are going to be bad, and some are going to be well, not so bad. This was one of the not so bad deaths. 

Hopefully, there’s someone else out there that chuckled a little at Coco’s response too. If you’re out there, know that you are not alone. 

Coco’s conversaton with EZ at the warehouse was a little confusing. He told EZ that there would be no coming back after they kill the cop, but EZ has already killed a cop before.

That’s why he was in prison for eight years. It is different though now.

EZ had just found his mother dead, and when he killed the cop, it was an accident. This time it is premeditated murder. 

EZ seems to be acclimating fairly well to his newfound future as an outlaw, but will it last? 

Coco: You holding up boy scout?
EZ: I’m okay.
Coco: Bishops got a lot on his mind you know? May not had relayed this, and I’m not sure how many fences you got mended with big brother. We’re gonna kill a cop today. Besides all that memory shit that might trigger you, it’s a line. You cross it; there ain’t no walking it back.
EZ: I’m aware of that.
Coco: Awareness lives in the head man. You got to feel it here. You gotta know the weight. Cause if you got any doubt EZ about any of this…
Angel: Hey, what’s up?
EZ: Just talking about the shit we gotta do. Trusting that whatever happens is supposed to happen. Stay in that truth; always takes us to the next right place.
Angel: What the hell you been teaching him, man?

How sweet was Angel when he told Bishop that he was glad he was sponsoring EZ?

He loves his little brother, and it is precious. Who says they have to be big bad bikers all the time? 

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Did everybody catch that Vic Mackey shout out at the beginning of the episode? 

For anyone thinking whos Vic Mackey, he was a character on The Shield. 

Kurt Sutter was a writer on The Shield is his early days with FX. 

And how about all of those Sons of Anarchy shoutouts?

When Ramos said that Hope’s only clean time was when she was in Charming, I wonder if they were insinuating that she worked at Diosa.

Angel: Me and the boy scout are gonna ride out from the cemetery. Still gotta handle that parole shit.
Bishop: Yeah.
Angel: Should be back in a day or two.
Bishop: Be safe.
Angel: I’m really glad you’re working with him. You’re a great fucking sponsor, Bish. Thank you.

The shoutouts included Happy and Quinn showing up at the funeral home, EZ and Angel passing the spot where John Teller died, and showing the rock with the graffiti that says J.T. 11-13-93 with the anarchy symbol. 

And I cannot leave out the moment when Happy arrived home and called out to his dog “Ope.”

His dog is named after beloved SOA member, Opie. Okay, now I’m crying. 

I know Mayans is its own show, but there would be no Mayans without Sons of Anarchy. 

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Is Dita responsible for Marisol’s death?

Who is the father of Adelita’s baby?

Will EZ and Angel kill Happy? 

Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts! 

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